About La Bichette – Blowout Salon

Here at La Bichette, we believe that not only does the honest and true mom & pop business (well, in our case mom & daughter) still have a place in this wild world, but that it might just be exactly what the world needs right now.  We are proud to be locally owned and operated and intend to keep it that way.  We are from Dallas, for Dallas!

It all began with two redheads (the mom & daughter) talking about the days when grace, glamor, class and confidence all went hand in hand and the belief that a true modern woman must embody a balance of femininity and feminism.  To be provocative and practical, lively and intelligent, beautiful and bold, you must first know and appreciate yourself. Being gorgeous has everything to do with feeling secure in your own skin. But let’s face it, looking and feeling extraordinary amidst life’s daily hurdles is no easy task. Taking care of yourself, or as the French say, souci de soi, is of the utmost importance. That’s where we come in!

But for these two redheads and devout animal enthusiasts, even life’s most simple pleasures should be conscious ones.  That’s why at La Bichette, we are firmly against animal testing and do our best to use and support products that are made in the USA.  Our hair product packaging is made from aluminum, an infinitely recyclable material, and is refillable in our atelier.  We want looking gorgeous to be as guilt free as it is effortless.  Come in and see for yourself!